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Cavities are often the unfortunate consequence of poor oral hygiene habits, emboldening the bacteria living in your mouth to exploit an area of tooth enamel. When this happens, you might notice a change in texture, heightened sensitivity, or general discomfort when chewing.

With early detection, Dr. Chad Howe can often repair a small cavity with a composite resin or amalgam filling at his Roy, Utah clinic.

Dr. Chad Howe will start by numbing the tooth and gums with an injection of Novocain. Once the area has been thoroughly numbed, the dentist will use a drill to create a clean, healthy enamel surface to anchor the eventual filling.

The filings appearance in your smile, as well as its primary function in your mouth will directly influence the material Dr. Chad Howe uses for the filling. Amalgam and composite-resin can be directly applied to the cavity in a single appointment.

Amalgam is a blend of metals, that are dark in appearance. This makes it a better option for repairing a cavity that is not visible in your smile. Composite-resin fillings are made from a special dental-grade plastic. They can be shaded to match the surrounding tooth enamel to repair a tooth in your smile.

If you live in the Roy, Utah area and you have cavity on one of your teeth, you should call 801-776-1240 to have it repaired with Dr. Chad Howe.