Are You in Need of a Dental Crown Restoration?

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Do you have a tooth in your smile that has been damaged or weakened due to extensive tooth decay, a broken tooth, or root canal procedure? If so, a dental crown or “cap” may be a good dental restoration for you.

Dental crowns are permanently cemented into place to cover those parts of the tooth (or a dental implant) that sits above the gum line. The crown becomes the tooth’s surface, unlike a dental filling which is used to fix just a port of a decayed tooth. The benefit to you is a visually appealing, natural-looking, fully functioning tooth.

Due to the crown material used, it can reinforce and strengthen the damaged tooth. Materials used for crowns vary, depending on your needs. Common materials used for crowns include porcelain or other dental ceramic, various metals, and a porcelain-fused-to-metal version. Speak with your dentist to find the best choice for you.

Since dental crowns are made in a lab (off-site or on-site), a technician will be using impressions of your teeth to sculpt your crown. This allows the bite and jaw movements to be taken into account to make the best-fitting tooth replacement. Conversely, a dental filling made from amalgam or dental bonding is created directly onto the tooth.

If you are in need of a dental crown restoration and would like to know more, we invite you to schedule an evaluation with our dentist, Dr. Chad Howe. Just call 801-776-1240 at Howe Dental in Roy, Utah today!