Dentures: How They’re Made

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You’ve most likely heard that George Washington had wooden dentures, but that’s actually a myth! Washington certainly had dental issues, and he did wear false teeth, but they were created from lead, human chompers and animal parts. These days, we don’t form dentures from lead. Instead, false teeth are made from more modern substances.

The pearly whites in sets of false teeth are typically made from various kinds of resins. Acrylic resin, especially, has become the main source for denture teeth. Acrylic resin teeth need to be exchanged about every five years or so, but they are much tougher than teeth made from materials used in the past.

The process of developing false teeth might require several visits to our office. Generally, false teeth are made by taking measurements and creating impressions of your jaw, shaping models for you to judge and casting the appliance after necessary adjustments to the models. The process does take a bit of time, but when the dentures are done, they’ll fit your mouth well!

Dentures come in many varieties, both complete and partial sets. If you need false teeth or a general appointment, we’d love to see you in our office soon. Please call 801-776-1240 now to set up your next appointment with our Roy, Utah, team. Dr. Chad Howe and the team of Howe Dental will be happy to see you!