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You may have doubt when you hear local water systems contain fluoride additives, but they are in fact very beneficial towards the health of your teeth. This is one of the natural and safe ways you can prevent tooth decay. Here at Howe Dental, we want you to know the benefits of the daily use of fluoride and where you can get it.

Using fluoride dental products provides a protective layer on the surface of your teeth. Small amounts of fluoride in foods, beverages, and dietary supplements are additional ways to get your daily dose. Fluoride consumed from food and beverages shared with saliva helps restructure tooth enamel.

You can get a higher percentage of fluoride in your visits to your dentist twice a year. They may apply fluoride in the form of gels (painted on the teeth or applied in a mouth guard), a varnish (painted), or foams (put in a mouth guard and applied for a few minutes). These are only used in your visits. Discover your best option by communicating with your dentist.

Mouthwashes are another function, but do not use mouthwash after brushing as it will hamper the benefits of toothpaste. Make sure to brush twice a day, because fluoride in toothpastes is another preventative measure.

Here at Howe Dental we strive to provide the finest oral care for you and give you your best smile. Fluoride is vital as a preventative measure against tooth decay and help strengthen tooth enamel. Contact us at 801-776-1240 here in Roy, Utah to schedule an appointment.