How to Protect Your Smile from Cavities

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If you have a cavity, you may feel sharp or throbbing tooth pain when you eat something hot, cold or sweet. While there can be several causes of tooth pain, tooth decay is the most common culprit. By learning now how to protect your smile from cavities, you can enjoy excellent oral health unmarred by tooth decay.

Signs of tooth decay should never go untreated because they can lead to harsher dental issues. Tooth decay weakens the tooth enamel, and if it’s not addressed, the tooth may need to be pulled. Call Howe Dental right away for a dental exam with our dentist if you suspect you have an issue. Early treatment for a cavity can be very conservative and come in the form of a simple dental filling to preserve more of your natural smile. A severe cavity that has extended into the inner tooth chamber may require root canal therapy to treat the tooth so that it doesn’t need to be removed

It’s never too early to treat tooth decay, and we encourage you to take steps now to stop it from occurring. Maintain consistent oral hygiene by brushing and flossing your teeth every day and visiting the dentist every six months for dental checkups. Patients who struggle with weak tooth enamel can also receive professional fluoride treatment to improve the teeth and help them become immune to tooth decay.

Dr. Chad Howe and our team invite you to contact Howe Dental at 801-776-1240 today to learn how you can treat and prevent cavities in Roy, Utah, for lifelong oral health.