Need Dental Assistance Right Away?

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Whether it’s a chip or fracture, crack or lost tooth, you need to visit a dentist as soon as possible to get the right treatment for your tooth. Dr. Chad Howe and our dental professionals want you to receive the best immediate care possible here at our dental office in Roy, Utah.

Any dental damage can be the result of a sports-related injury, eating tough foods, or even falling into something or the ground. With a minor chip or fracture, you can momentarily wait to visit your dentist during office hours, but if it’s a more serious problem like a knocked-out tooth or large break, it’s vital to see your dentist or visit an emergency room immediately.

In order to maintain your oral care with damaged teeth, follow some of these tips to preserve the tooth and relieve pain:

– Apply gauze if there is a bleeding area until it stops.

– Rinse away germs from your mouth with warm, salt water.

– A cold pack to the cheek or lips will help reduce swelling and pain.

– Alleviate discomfort by taking an over-the-counter pain reliever.

– Apply a dental cement to keep the tooth in place or stop a crack from spreading. You can usually find these at a drugstore.

Knocked-out teeth need to be treated right away to preserve the tooth. Rinse away germs or dirt before placing it in your cheek, back in the socket, or in milk to preserve it until you see your dentist. Tooth preservation kits are available as well in your drugstore.

Come to our dental office as soon as possible for treatment here in Roy, Utah. Call Howe Dental at 801-776-1240 for the earliest opening and what treatment course is best for you and the restoration of your smile.