Treat a Fractured Tooth As Soon As Possible

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Your tooth enamel layer is densely packed with durable microscopic mineral crystals to protect the teeth, but a bad fall or a blow to the face can damage the enamel layer and even affect the internal tooth structure. This can be a cause for concern because if a tooth is fractured, it needs to be treated by a dentist quickly to avoid further dental problems.

The appearance of blood or debris in the mouth following an accident can be rinsed away with a solution of lukewarm salt water.

If you feel a persistent or sharp pain after fracturing a tooth, it it indicate that the damage has reached the dentin layer or even the tooth root. In this case, Dr. Chad Howe may need to perform root canal treatment and restore the tooth with a dental crown.

Even if the damage seems to be limited to the tooth enamel, our dentist will still need to address the problem before bacteria can penetrate the tooth and tooth decay can develop. We may be able to repair the damage with just a small dental filling.

If you have suffered fractured tooth enamel, we encourage you to call Howe Dental at 801-776-1240 as soon as possible so that our dentist can assess the situation and provide appropriate treatment.